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KooK is a surfing newspaper, published independently and printed in the UK on paper from sustainable forests.

DescriptionGet your copy of kook here

Ozzies go camping

Notes on travel 14/02/10

"When the Ozzie's go camping, they go camping. A fridge freezer, a double bed and an air con unit are among some of the essentials to be stashed away in their small house sized tents. 
Me Ryan and Tom have been camping for the last three weeks now in the top corner of a small family camp site in Byron bay. The weathers been so good we're spending most of the mid day heat in the shade of a rubber tree. Consistant head high swells have been wrapping round the corner on to the pass. Up until the last couple of days head high super wackable waves have been fun to say the least, a short lull in the swell and it should pick back up again next week. 
Its great to be able to see surfers of the quality of Danny Wills surfing the same waves as you on a daily basis. its very crowded in the water but we've been doing our fair share of hassling and represent the north east among the Devon crew out here.
Looks like we'll be in a van in the near future heading up the coast towards the Goldie. Will keep you posted."

By Joss Wescombe

SAS Spring Beach Clean 28th February

SAS Eye Logo - Black.jpgCome Down and show your support for SAS and clean beaches. We plan to meet at 12pm at Fluid concept surf shop and 2pm at Cayton bay surf shop then off to the beach for a good clean up.


On the weekend of the 27th and 28th of February SAS reps around the country are organizing beach cleans to help promote cleaner beaches and highlight the problems we face from marine litter. As surfers we see more than most the problems with marine pollution. Join with SAS to help show everyone else what we see on a daily level. It's good to remember that even though there may be less poo in the water these days there are still lots of issues to address.
Come down on the 28th before 12pm and collect a bag then we'll head down to the beach. As the met office claims that spring starts on March 1st so let’s get the beach clean for the new season.
If you can't make it on the day pick up a few pieces of litter next time you are on the beach and bin it. Also go to the SAS web site and sign the marine litter petition. Link below

It is all going on!

DescriptionGreat things have been going on... 'The coolest guy on the planet' - Steve Crawford is are new regional SAS rep, and he also completed a massive north sea stand up paddle through seal infested waters. Steve Croft (Empire Surfboards) took a very respective second place in the carve mag poll for best British young shaper, not bad for a northern lad! But seriously it's great to see accomplished surfers like Steve getting recognition for their craft. Ollie Banks' short film 'Board and Rider' took best of Board shorts at the Cornwall film festival. Rob Royal took second place at this years fish-fry in Ireland. You can also read articles, interviews, see board candy involving all these guys at Drift magazines site, or via the 'Cell' section of that site. Hotline suits have nearly all gone, new stock arriving November, better make that December just in case, sorry in advance for all those aiting for suits – it'll be worth it the end! Empire, Hotline FluidConcept riders Joss Wescombe, Tom Cross and Ryan Hammond are spending the winter upside down in auz, heard it's bloody freezing there so that'll be tough on the lads... Rich Mathers is staying here with me surfing flat sea slabs in sunny blighty! Lucky fella! Please check out the beautiful looking book Switchfoot 2, with words by Dan Crockett and pics by John Eldridge among others. Peace, love and all that gooey stuff thanks for reading too if you got this far! FC


Rob Lion takes a well deserved second place at the Fish Fry
Description What if you set about to do something you were passionate about, and threw caution to the wind? What if along that journey you made friends that were equally passionate, driven, and focused? In some ways that is bound to happen, and yet I am so grateful that it has for me. 3 years ago at the 1st European Fish Fry I met Alex from Barrel Surfboards in France, and we became friends. Both of us had recently started making surfboards, and shared a passion for the more alternative styles. Over the next year we talked, developed ideas seperately, and Alex came back strong with several boards that were beautifully crafted. He was picked out to be judged along with some others for the best in Europe, but just missed it. I was still just a goofball making wacky boards.... This year, he was the best. His craft has excelled, and the boards he brought to the Fish Fry in Ireland were flawless. I came in second place, and we celebrated like we were kings. It is hard to believe it has only been 3 years... I would like to thank everyone who has supported me over the years, Paul at Glide, and the Lokbox crew for a great time in Ireland. And say a huge congratulations to my friend, and mentor, Alex from Barrel. Congratulations Alex! You deserve it.

Surfers against sewage regional reps

To improve local awareness and promote campaigns SAS have now trained reps for most UK regions

DescriptionThis September i was invited to Porthtowan In cornwall to train as the SAS rep for the Scarborough Area. There are now reps for most coastal areas and even non coastal ones like London and Birmingham. SAS realised that a lot of folks ,even though they supported SAS campaign ideas felt pretty far removed from support on a local level. Now most surf communities have an SAS rep who is aware of local issues and national campaigns too. There is loads of info at about all the current activities going on and how to contact your local rep.
Now it's your turn , join up, speak to your local rep and start to make a difference there are loads of small things we can all do without too much effort or cost that can help improve our lot. Lets face it if we're going to surf in it let's do what we can to keep the waves clean and  scuzz free. It was really cool to meet the other reps and to learn about the problems they face too. So it wasn't all surfing and getting a bit drunk honest.

Interviews with: Steve 2 fins Croft from Empire Surfboards, Rob Lion from Royal Surfboards and Ollie Banks

Drift News and Interviews
DescriptionThe talented people who supply us with our surfboard candy have been interviwed on drift. You can check them out here: Also Friend of Mine talks to Ollie Banks about his film 900 miles and what's next, you can read it here

The Big Myth -by Rob 'Royal' Lion

F-ing surf industry....what a joke.
DescriptionF-ing surf industry....what a joke. I mean, since when did we start surfing to be industrious anyway?! I can hear the rants of Dora now... Look hear, if you are trying to break into the surf industrial complex, be warned. You are going to probably work for a huge conglomerate, that may or most likely not have any ethical sense. Not to mention working a 'job' no different than any other professional. We all have our commitments, and responsibilities and therefore need to work in some way to fulfill them. Just don't think going to work for Brand Xtreme is going to be the cool job you expect it to be. It is an incestuous, back stabbing, and greedy industry driven by ego and profit. No different than the banking sector that could be blamed for the mess we're all in now. This is a genralisation of course, and there are still a few small innovative companies around, but as the recession deepens they may not last much longer. They don't get the coverage deserved because the bigger guys buy up all the advertising, and then claim these ideas as their own. It is all a joke. Why would you want to be a part of that? Do you want someone to tell you how, where, and when to surf? Soul? Give me a break. That has long been sold to the Devil for chump change, bro....

Burma: Help Justice Defeat Tyranny

Today, Aung San Suu Kyi, the iconic Burmese pro democracy leader, was cruelly sentenced to another year and a half of detention on trumped up charges.
DescriptionBut this is just the tip of the iceberg of thousands of crimes committed by the regime against the Burmese people. Over the next two months, with the UK and the US holding the Presidency of the United Nations Security Council, we have our best chance to get an international inquiry that could lead to the top generals' arrests. But we need a massive global movement to push the US, UK and the Council to act and persuade China not to veto. Cut n paste the link to join action group AVAAZ & sign the petition.

Stand up Paddle From Robin hoods bay to scarborough

Well! I did it and in only 3 hours too.
DescriptionThe conditions were finally favourable on Sunday the 2nd August for me to do my sponsored paddle. I set off at 8.30 am from Robin Hoods bay and arrived in Scarborough at 12.15 pm so minus food and cig breaks of 50 mins the total paddle time was 2 hrs 55 mins for just over 16 miles. I was happily sat with a pint of cider feeling pretty smug by 12.25. Thanks to all who sponsored me for those skinflints that haven't yet it is not too late to support SAS and WDCS . The page will be live for a while (see the little banner on the earlier news article) and you can pop to most scarborough surfshops ,zero gravity in whitby or the laurel inn and the bay hotel in robin hoods bay where there are sponsorship forms. What next ,maybe a round yorkshire paddle (there are rivers too you know)
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