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Steves Epic Paddle tis done

Steve has braved the Distance

DescriptionSteve has completed his epic journey through seal infested waters, for the sake of the big fishes and the people... he completed it in 3hrs and is now planning to paddle to america - only kidding - I think it's cuba - ha, ha... well done steve

The Great Cheap Board Debate (ripped from Royal Surfboards)

DescriptionIt's no secret that I love making surfboards. It is also no secret that my boards aren't cheap, and that it is how I attempt to support myself, and family. And, everyone knows that cheaply produced boards are flooding the market and making this difficult for some. Some boards are garbage, some are actually well made. Hard to tell if you're learning, or new to the surfing craze. What bothers me most about all this is what happens to all the used, second hand boards that people have moved on from, or are damaged and just left to rot. There are no environmentally friendly boards made cheaply, especially when mass produced. So, all these toxic, used boards end up where? When I learned to surf, you bought second hand. Why would you buy a new board, when you're only going to smash it up? After getting a homemade board from a neighbor - who was going to throw it out - I worked around the house, earned my allowance and bought my 1st real board used from a real surfshop. I loved it, and when I was ready, I moved on to another board, also used. I never had much money as a kid, due to the surfing lifestyle and my loathsome attitude towards work. So all my boards were usedm got damaged, repaired and ridden over and over before being given/sold to another beginner to use. Who then progressed and traded it in for a newer board down the road. The second hand market is busting at the seams with gems at the moment, and they're loads cheaper than if bought new. It is a great way to try out new shapes before spending loads of money on that shiny new custom shape. Plus, they don't depreciate any more. I guess what I'm trying to say is, in this age of being green, and everyone trying to save the planet, why are we mass producing toxic equipment destined/designed to fall apart and pollute the ocean, or landfills? in the words of a poster on MSW, if you're after a cheap board: Buy second hand and repair and reuse, because you can't recycle.... Rob Lion Royal Surfboards

Sponsor me online by clicking on the widgit

DescriptionI've taken the high tech approach to sponsorship for my paddle from Robin hoods bay to scarborough. So there is no excuse now you all should sponsor me. The money will be split between Surfers against Sewage and The Whale and Dolphin conservation Society

Sponsored SUP paddle From Robin Hoods Bay to Scarborough

Steve, from fluid concept ,is doing a 16 mile paddle from Robin Hoods Bay to Scarborough at the end of July /early August
please sponsor him and raise money for Surfers against Sewage and the Whale and Dolphin Concervation Society.

DescriptionI'm really looking forward to doing this mostly to get a few hours peace and quite drifting down the coast. There is no exact date set yet as the conditions have to be just right. I'll post as soon as i decide the date. You can sponsor me online at



The Present - out now!

Following The Seedling and Sprout, Woodshed Films present incredible riding shot in West Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, California, Sumatra and Java.
DescriptionFollowing The Seedling and Sprout, Woodshed Films present incredible riding shot in West Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, California, Sumatra and Java. Riders include: Dave Rastovich; Dane Reynolds; Joel Tudor; Sofia Mulanovich; C.J. Nelson; Ry Craike; Devon Howard; Dan Malloy; Harrison Roach; Kassia Meador; Jacob Stuth; Chelsea Georgenson Hedges;Chris Del Moro; Michael Junod; Ian King ;Danny Hess; Alex Knost; Rob Machado.

New Shapes, solvent free, 100% recycled leashes, hemp & a rainbow

Goings on


 Rob Lion from Royal Surfboards has been putting in the time and has some new boards coming to the shop his beautiful tints and innovative neo-traditionlist shapes have been making quite a stir both here and overseas check out his blogs here

 This week, all made from solvent free resins, top coats and paints, we have a new Rockit fish with glassed in Keel fins from yours truly, and an i-beam eps/epoxy longboard. I designed the blank it works on a similar principle to Parabolic/ or rail stringered boards (which ever you prefer) the rails are reinforced with 18oz cloth while the deck and bottom are both 12 oz respectively, I'm known for durability but I think I've reached new heights with this one. The reinforced rails help the rocker remain true whilst the in-bulit flex through the centre makes for smoother landings, low impact on the knee joints incresed drive from the rail and a balanced flex for incresed nose time. The board is built from a 1.5lb eps core so it's very light but not too light so it can deal with chop and wind.

 Also there's a Planck xeps fused cell aquaphobic 7' 4'' gun with a glssed in true ames single fin & a fluidconcept Xeps 6' x 19 1/8 x 2 1/4 'sf2' rail stringered (parabolic) with 10 oz rail reinforcement, 8 oz bottom and 10 oz deck (don't forget these boards have incrediable buoyancy, as your standard PU core is about 2.5 pounds per cubic foot, and our EPS is 20% lighter at 2 lb./cu.ft. So you can get away with less board or utilise the float to catch more summer waves!). We also have a new 6' 10'' FluidConcept Quad-rockit-fish all the glide and surface between the feet, this is a fast down the line board that'll bring your surfing to life! It'll handle the bigger stuff but will fly through summer and duck dives a dream. The rail is dropped incresing sensitivity where you need it and the foam is moved to the chest area to carry your heavy vital-organs, a dream to paddle this board is shaped from 2lb eps and is glassed to withstand the terminator!

 Chris Dawson from Ghost is to be interviewed for a surf-art mag, he's individual desings have been catching the eye of the Brazilian internationl journal more to follow!

 The Multi-talented Steve Croft from Laminations has sent us more lovely treats, he truly is one of the most highly guarded secrets of the UK shaping scene, get him to shape and design you a custom board and have mighty laminations glass and finish it or if you can't wait check out some of his current stock boards here:

 New stock arriving from those lovely guys at wavetribe 100% recycled leashes and good ol' hemp board bags courtesty of

New Website Goes Live

Welcome to our new website. We've laboured long and hard while the surf has been flat, so we hope you like it.


A big hand to Stu @ and Sie @ for all their work on bringing this super swanky website to the world.

Check out the new look surf photo gallery, where you can now see each photo in much more detail. Check it out now.

We've also revamped our online surf shop, where you can purchase all the latest quality surf DVDs, our revolutionary range of parabolic EPS/ epoxy surfboards and whole host of core surf products. We currently have some great surf gear at bargain prices in our special offers section. We'll be seeking out solid hardware brands as we move forward, and aim to support the underground roots of the industry through smaller low scale companies that have big hearts and smart durable products! Amongst these will be hardcore brit favs like Snugg; american cold water pioneers Hotline - with over 30 years of manufacturing behind them, there certainly offering the most comfortble, durable suits to date. We will also be concentrating on Fins from the likes of True Ames, Lok-Box, Future Fins etc. Handmade board bags and we'll be dedicating our selves to the UK underground with 100% handshaped board manufactures, we may also in time look further a field in search of the same core values that make surf communties matter.

We continue to respect and support small scale companies that are owned by surfers, who support and employ surfers and have the know how to make sustainable, durable, quality products that last. We use and are fully behind everything we sell. Since 2003 we've used Green Energy to supply homes, shop and shaping sheds and with the Woodland Trust we've being planting trees since 2002. We've been avidly recycling for a decade and continue to push our core values with us into the market place. If you think we can do better let us know. If you think we are missing something same goes.

Hope you like the new website, and until our new forum is up any running you can let us know what you think at, we respect all forms of feedback, good or bad. so don't be afraid to tell us you don't like it.


Fluid Concept Team

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