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Future fins FSA4 Quad set RTM Hexalite

Simon anderson Quad template 77.99 inc p+p

Weight Category: 160 - 200 lbs (Pancho)
Surf Type: Rippable Surf - A Blend of Drive and Release

Simon anderson template

Fin Type: Quad Setup
Front Fins
Height: 4.63in - 11.76 cm
Base: 4.51 in - 11.46 cm
Area: 15.8 in - 101.94 cm

Made From: RTM Hex
Foil Type: Traditional

£ 79.99
Click image to enlarge

Future fins FSA4 Quad set RTM Hexalite  Options  Qty

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new company with cool prices only £41 inc p+p call for available colours

Subcategories Available
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Raptor finsAll

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Fluid Concept prides itself on being a small independent surf shop, mixing big brand names up with the other like-minded independent 'core'. Eco friendly surfboards & environmentally friendly surf products on the whole are part of the Fluid ethos.
Fluid Concept can help you with 'eyeball' weather reports in Scarborough due to the fact we're next to the sea! We can also help with weather forecasts & surf predictions by sourcing the best information around. High & low tide times in Scarborough. Tide times on the east coast & Yorkshire. Get in touch or click here> surf weather forecast in Scarborough.

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