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Amazon Flip flops tupi style

Groovy footware for the concerned masses only £30 inc p+p

An innovative idea, developed by mindful professionals to the world happenings and its consequences.

From this, we’ve developed a series of products with a correct ecological view. The Recycling of tons of rubber from used tires, with no longer utility, transformed in high quality material, becoming footwear in total harmony with your lifestyle. That’s our company contribution to the world. It still a little far from our goals and concerns. However, we believe that together, we can make a difference.
The Problem: An estimated 20 million tires a year are discarded in Brazil. There's two things that happen to the discarded tires. 1) They end up in landfill, lakes and rivers, typically taking hundreds of years to decompose. They collect rainwater which stagnates and then become a breeding ground for mosquito larvae which then spread disease. 2) the tires are piled up and burned which releases millions of tons of co2 in the air and atmosphere thus contributing to global warming. Thus increasing changes in our local ecosystems. Warmer tempratures good bye snowboarding. Holes in the ozone good bye surfing. Only 20% of tires are currently recycled in Brazil.

The Solution: Amazon, based in Rio de Janeiro, recycle thousands of these discarded old tires. They are cut into chips, processed into powder and then purified using a system of sieves. The powder is ground to the required granulation then treated vulcanise the rubber. The resulting material is then formed in presses to create the sandals’ soles. In essence we are taking a product that already has gone through its life cycle. Reprocessing it and reinserting back into a new life cycle. no waste. new product.

* Comfortable, anti-allergic, provide excellent grip.
*Anatomic shape
*Anti skid Sole
*Walk about in these for a few days and they will mold perfectly into the shape of your feet.
* Strong, durable, last longer than the average flip flop.
* Perfect for walking, going to the gym, spa.

£ 30
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